nicolle (faceless_wonder) wrote in countryrock8,

rock on, Chicago...

i did it!

last Thursday, i spent a little over an hour standing at the corner of Franklin and Jackson, blasting Wesley Willis from an iPod speaker and holding up a sign christening the Wesley Willis Tower! (for those of you who don't live in Chicago, Thursday was the day on which the name change from Sears Tower to Willis Tower became official.) it was a blast...i got such a range of reactions, and it took far longer than expected for building security to kick me off of the premises.

some people wanted to take my picture--a few asked, more didn't. some were sneaky and took photos from across the street. some stopped in front of me, didn't talk to me, and just took my picture. some people walked by and cheered about how awesome Wesley Willis is, and how he whips the llama's ass. some people got the reference completely wrong, and screamed a hearty "what'chu talkin' 'bout, Willis?"

most people just looked at me with confusion in their eyes.

all in all, i'm so glad i did it. i was really bummed when security kicked me off the premises, although i was completely unsurprised. i'm kind of wondering how they found out, since i didn't see anyone who was clearly a security guy until the guy with a Willis Tower tag walked up to me and told me i needed to go across the street. still, i had a pretty good run of it...i got through twenty-five songs before i had to leave.

and, if just one person saw my sign and googled the name Wesley Willis, i did my job. <3
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